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71. TopSpace  
Name TopMarine Sponsor Federal Agency of Nature Conservation (BfN) Duration August 2017 to May 2021 Cooperation partner Christian-Albrechts university Kiel (CAU), Research and Technology Centre…

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72. Baltic Grey Seals  
Baltic Grey Seals Baltic Grey Seals Habitat use, development of haul-out sites, site fidelity and analysis of potential disturbance Name Grey Seals of the German Baltic Sea: Habitat use,…

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73. Westphal, L.  
since 2017 Research scientist in the project „Grey seals of the German Baltic Sea – Habitat use, development of haul-out sites, site fidelity and analysis of potential…

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74. Daniela Sievers  
Exhibition design Digital access points Digital media in museum operation Associated social media Digital strategy since 2021 Scientific assistant in…

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75. Bär, Tom  
seit 2018 Scientific Researcher, German Museum of Oceanographic Scientific literature research, supporting activity in the production of scientific texts, animal care work, aquarium…

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76. Stefan Bräger  
2013-2018 Scientific affairs officer at the UN secretariat of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Kingston, Jamaica. 2005-2013 Marine mammal scientist at the…

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77. Foundation  
Foundation History In 1951, the rather small collection of Stralsund’s Natural History Museum moved into the premises of St. Catherine’s monastery that had been used as a grammar school before. The…

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78. Exhibitions  
Exhibitions at NATUREUM Darßer Ort Natural Region Darßer Ort The exhibition focuses on giving you an impression of the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park and Darßer Ort in particular. Darß…

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MEERESMUSEUM in Stralsund's old town Opening summer from July 17, 2024 The opening summer at the MEERESMUSEUM in Stralsund's old town starts on July 17, 2024. After several years of extensive…

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80. Fischbach, Vivian  
since 2021 PhD Student (scholarship of the University of Rostock) 2019 - 2021 Master of Science „Integrative Zoolgie” at the University of Rostock Topic of the…

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