Interactive navigation and information system at the OZEANEUM

Subproject in the network „museum4punkt0“

This year, a sub-project in the network "museum4punkt0 - Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future" started at the German Oceanographic Museum.

The plan is to set up a digital system at the OZEANEUM, one of four locations of the German Oceanographic Museum Foundation, that optimizes orientation in the building and provides museum guests with information about things worth seeing, current events and things worth knowing at the respective location. This prototypical system takes up the specific challenges of a museum with a large number of visitors and a high information density. It is intended to be modularly expandable, to open up other museums of the foundation in the future, and to convey variable content. Correspondingly, the potential of contactless technologies for application in museums is to be determined.

Anke Neumeister and Karsten Goletz form the small team in the subproject:
"We start from the assessment that uncertainties that visitors develop in a pandemic period persist. Now that we largely avoid contact with people and things in public spaces as a matter of course, it seems likely that contact-intensive technologies will continue to be met with apprehension in the future. In this context, we want to test alternative proposals to current intermediate museum solutions such as touchpens."

The interactive navigation and information system stands independently as a module alongside the tests on touchless human-machine systems, but the two projects are linked so that results can be incorporated into system development in each case.

Another goal of the project is to advance the development of a digital strategy in cooperation with all stakeholders of the German Oceanographic Museum in parallel with the practical developments.