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61. TopSpace  
Name TopMarine Sponsor Federal Agency of Nature Conservation (BfN) Duration August 2017 to May 2021 Cooperation partner Christian-Albrechts university Kiel (CAU), Research and Technology Centre…

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62. Baltic Grey Seals  
Baltic Grey Seals Baltic Grey Seals Habitat use, development of haul-out sites, site fidelity and analysis of potential disturbance Contact person Linda Westphal +49 3831 2650 394 Michael…

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63. Brundiers, Katharina  
since 2017 Scientist at the German Oceanographic Museum: Acoustic detections of harbour porpoises and comparison of acoustic data loggers (TopMarine) 2014 - 2017 Freelance…

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64. Ulrike Buschewski  
Since Jan 2018 Scientist in the environmental education in the project „Hearing in Penguins" 2018 Advanced Education „Environmental Education“ 2017 Research…

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65. Bär, Tom  
seit 2018 Scientific Researcher, German Museum of Oceanographic Scientific literature research, supporting activity in the production of scientific texts, animal care work, aquarium…

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66. Reif, Farina  
since 2020 Researcher in the project "Research on conflict resolution and development of management measures for the protection of grey seals of the German Baltic Sea". 2017–2020 …

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67. MaRo – Grey Seals Project  
Overview Title Research on conflict resolution and development of management measures for the protection of Grey Seals of the German Baltic Sea Short name MaRo Sponsor Federal Agency for Nature…

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68. News  
Educational clip Educational clip presents first hand knowledge on underwater noise Further information Expansion project German Oceanographic Museum Stralsund receives funding for expansion…

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69. Underwater Noise  
People love a clean and seemingly untouched sea. That's why travel companies are constantly developing new, previously unused areas like the Antarctica. In addition to the noise of the ships, there…

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70. Museum Locations  
Museum locations German Oceanographic Museum – explore the oceans in a museum The sea has fascinated humans ever since. The German Oceanographic Museum Foundation has committed itself to making this…

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