Phylogeny of the basal Clupeocephala


Phylogeny of the basal Clupeocephala


VW foundation, program research at the museum („Forschung in Museen“)


November 2013 to October 2017

Cooperation partner

Prof. Dr. Lennart Olsson, university Jena                   

Dr. Nicolas Straube, Bavarian State Collection of Zoology

Project management GOM

Dr. Timo Moritz

Project staff GOM

Matthias Mertzen, Ulrike Buschewski

More and more is known about the fish tree, but there are two big areas where the genealogical relationships are not solved. The broadly derived perchorpha (Percomorpha) and the basal clupeocephala located further down in the family tree. The last group has well-known representatives of the family herring, salmon and carp but also lesser-known fish species. The fish collection of the German Oceanographic Museum makes it possible to study this comprehensive species. In this project are used the most modern methods: morphology is done using light-up preparations, antibody staining and CT scans, molecularly using next-generation sequencing techniques. Morphologically, the ontogenesis of skeletal, muscle and nervous systems are at the centre of the investigations. Molecular, the focus is on nuclear genes that are sequenced in large numbers. The aim of the project is to create morphological and molecular-based relational hypotheses, to clearly identify the natural groups (monophyletic taxa), to estimate the age of the taxa and to better understand the evolution of the fish.