The return of sturgeons

NameThe return of sturgeons
SponsorsResearch Foundation Baltic Sea
DurationFebruary 2014 to June 2015
Cooperation partnersSociety for saving sturgeons
Project management GOMDr. Timo Moritz
Project staff GOMKatharina Maschner, Arne Peters

In the beginning of February 2014, two new projects were started at the German Oceanographic Museum, which are sponsored by Research Foundation of Baltic Sea (Forschungsstiftung Ostsee). The project “A living fossil - The return of sturgeons” is led by Dr. Timo Moritz and attends to a globally endangered fish species. Sturgeons are at risk of extinction acutely. Since 1920 they are rated as died out in the German Baltic Sea.

Especially human influence, for example overfishing, habitat change and environmental pollution are liable for this problem. A circulating exhibition about the return of sturgeons was developed which was shown first at the German Oceanographic Museum. By reference to prepared animals and with exciting stories it will give an in-depth look in the world of this osteichthyes, which are known for the most people for their tasty roe, the caviar.