MEERESMUSEUM in Stralsund's old town

The opening summer at the MEERESMUSEUM Stralsund starts on July 17, 2024. 
After several years of extensive modernization, the museum will then reopen its doors every day.

The enormous diversity of animals and habitats in the world's oceans is reflected in the new floor-to-ceiling displays with full-size models of sharks, rays and dolphins, an animated school of sardines and a projection globe. A 15-metre-long wall of display cases pays tribute to the often underestimated diversity of marine invertebrates such as octopuses, jellyfish and crabs. 

The aquariums in the historic vaulted cellar of the monastery complex are being completely overhauled and will allow visitors to dive into the tropical seas from the Caribbean to the Red Sea. 
Not everything will be completely finished by the opening date. For example, the live animals will only move into the tanks when all the water values are right. In particular, the new 700,000-liter aquarium with a Caribbean reef will not yet be stocked with fish in July and August.