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101. Tips for visitors  
Distance and hygiene rules Wearing a mouth-nose cover (face visors are not included.) on the entire premises is obligatory. This does not apply to children up to school age and people who cannot...

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102. Catering  
The PAUSCH restaurant will be closed from 2 November. Further information can be found on the current posters on site. Catering Treat yourself to some fine food at PAUSCH-Bistro before, during or...

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103. 201209_basispressetext_meeresmuseum_engl.pdf  
PRESS RELEASE MEERESMUSEUM Stralsund (Last updated: December 2020) The MEERESMUSEUM in Stralsund's historic city centre is housed in the former St. Catherine's Dominican Monastery built in 1251. This...  
104. Press Release OZEANEUM (48 KB)  
Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext OZEANEUM (48 KB) Basistext...  
105. Trip and Excursion Tips  
Hanseatic city of Stralsund World Cultural Heritage at the Strelasund Hanseatic city of Rostock Hanseatic flair in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's largest city Rügen Germany's largest island Peninsula...

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106. Contact  
Postal address: German Oceanographic Museum Katharinenberg 14 - 20 D-18439 Stralsund Germany Visitors' address: MEERESMUSEUM Stralsund Visitors' entrance: Corner Mönchstr./Bielkenhagen How to...

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107. Contact  
Postal address German Oceanographic Museum Katharinenberg 14–20 18439 Stralsund Germany Visitors' address OZEANEUM Stralsund Hafenstraße 11 Harbour side (visitors' entrance) How to reach...

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108. Farewell Event  
Impressions of the farewell event

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109. Modernisation of the MEERESMUSEUM  
Modernisation of the MEERESMUSEUM The MEERESMUSEUM will be closed from 1st January 2021 because of its forthcoming extensive modernisation. Preparations for this have been underway for some time....

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110. Tropical Aquarium  
Tropical Aquarium At MEERESMUSEUM’s tropical aquarium you will see the colourful underwater world of the tropical seas. Watch bizarre firefish, stonefish and many other remarkable sea creatures....

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