A seal at the beach: How I should behave?

Grey seals should not be disturbed in highly sensitive phases of life (reproduction, change of coat), otherwise they could be dislodged from there spot. In the worst case the mother animals don’t return to the beach –the young animal could survive just in rare cases.

Observers should act responsibly and keep calm. These five rules you should keep in mind:

  • Escape route: Never block out the escape route into the water
  • Minimum distance: Keep sufficient distance, not less than 100 meters
  • Don’t touch: Never ever touch, feed or pelt the animals

  • Leash: Only walk a dog on a lead

  • No disturbance: Never go between the mother and young seal

Sightings of marine mammals in the Baltic Sea should be reported to the German Oceanographic Museum anyway. Here you can report your sighting.

Inform promptly the competent authorities – according as were you have seen the animal, for example: regulatory agency, national park office, biosphere reserve or a veterinarian. If you are not sure who should be contacted, then apply to the police or the German Oceanographic Museum.