OZEANEUM: Baltic Sea, whales, children's area

Discover a unique underwater journey through the northern seas in "Europe's Museum of the Year 2010" and learn interesting facts about various marine themes.

World ocean

Over 70 percent of the earth is covered by oceans. With "sea maps" of the large ocean basins and two marginal seas, the exhibition draws attention away from the continents and opens up a different view of the world. A large, rotating globe shows the relief of the earth without water: the seabed is richly structured, there are mountain ranges, valleys and wide plains. In twelve display cases and 19 showcases, you can dive into the infinite blue of the world's oceans. A wide variety of exhibits are on display, offering an insight into the diversity of life under water, especially in the deep sea.

Baltic Sea

The sea on our doorstep - the Baltic Sea - plays a special role at the OZEANEUM. The exhibition traces the path through the Baltic Sea and along its coasts with its typical biocoenoses. You will learn more about the foundations, processes and procedures in this special inland sea and about the impact of humans in this sensitive habitat. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a spatial installation on the subject of plankton. Framed by the blue tips of the five large display cases and supplemented by two wall display cases, the center of the exhibition is dedicated to the biocoenosis on which all life in the sea is based. Not only plankton, fish and mussels of the Baltic Sea are highlighted, but also the birds and mammals of the Baltic Sea region in their natural environment.

Exploration and utilisation of the Seas

As you enter the slightly sloping floor of the exhibition space, you step onto the deck of a research vessel at sea. Showcases form the railing, behind which scientists use high-tech research equipment to track down the treasures of the oceans, discover unknown species and record the state and changes in the seas. In the middle of the exhibition space is a diving movie theater. In a ten-minute virtual journey, a submersible travels from the Baltic Sea coast to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at a depth of 4,000 meters. You will learn more about the habitats in the oceans using original film material from German research institutions. At the end, the exhibition is dedicated to the overfishing of the oceans and presents methods of sustainable fishing.

1:1 Giants of the Sea

The 20-metre-high hall of the "1:1 Giants of the Seas" exhibition is bathed in soft blue light. Like a diver, you enter the fascinating underwater world of whales and other marine giants, which float in the room as full-size models. You will find yourself face to face with a blue whale before new and breathtaking perspectives open up across four levels. Showcases display interesting facts about the animals of the sea - including their endangerment. Finally, you can experience a multimedia presentation on loungers "from the bottom of the sea", which explains the special features of whales, the threats they face and how they can be protected.

Children's Sea

After a spectacular tour of the aquariums, our "Sea for Children" awaits you. The lovingly designed room offers space to linger and play. The dome of a lighthouse with a slide ends above the roof of the OZEANEUM and offers a view over the city. Naturalistic stone figures by Rügen artist Mile Prerad also invite visitors to climb and sit. If you prefer something a little more comfortable, you can also take a seat in the beach chairs or on the rows of groynes and watch the children play.