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91. Farewell Event  
Impressions of the farewell event Illumination of St. Catherine's Hall and lighting of the north courtyard Evening opening of the MEERESMUSEUM

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92. Aquariums  
New aquariums at the MEERESMUSEUM A new large aquarium forms the spectacular prelude to the aquarium tour. An open staircase leads visitors downwards in front of an inclined pane and allows them to…

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93. Exhibitions  
Exhibition plans for the MEERESMUSEUM With the newly designed entrance via the west portal into the Katharinenhalle, visitors' view opens up into the vaults of the nave. The new exhibitions stage…

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94. News  
Educational clip Educational clip presents first hand knowledge on underwater noise Further information Expansion project German Oceanographic Museum Stralsund receives funding for expansion…

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95. Underwater Noise  
People love a clean and seemingly untouched sea. That's why travel companies are constantly developing new, previously unused areas like the Antarctica. In addition to the noise of the ships, there…

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96. Jobs  
Job vacancies of the Ocean Museum Germany

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97. 240517_ausschreibung_besucherservice_bs_mm_007.pdf  
AZ: BS/0/007 Das Deutsche Meeresmuseum sucht zur Verstärkung der Abteilung Besucherservice ab 01.08.2024 unbefristet und in Vollzeit (aktuell mit einer regelmäßigen Wochenarbeitszeit von 39 Stunden)…  
98. 240514_bestellung_informationsmaterial.pdf  
Bestellung Informationsmaterial Tel.: +49 3831 2650-301 Fax: +49 3831 2650-609 E-Mail: Firma: …  
Information for your visit Currently, tickets cannot be booked via the online ticket shop and can only be purchased at the museum box office.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may…

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German Oceanographic Museum Foundation Katharinenberg 14 – 20 18439 Stralsund +49 3831 2650-610 Privacy Follow us       Terms &…

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