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61. Brundiers, Katharina  
since 2017 Scientist at the German Oceanographic Museum: Acoustic detections of harbour porpoises and comparison of acoustic data loggers (TopMarine) 2014 - 2017 Freelance...

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63. Kein Lärm Meer  
People love a clean and seemingly untouched sea. That's why travel companies are constantly developing new, previously unused areas like the Antarctica. In addition to the noise of the ships, there...

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64. Museum Locations  
Museum locations German Oceanographic Museum – explore the oceans in a museum The sea has fascinated humans ever since. The German Oceanographic Museum Foundation has committed itself to making this...

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65. Blog Antarctica Expedition  
22nd December 2019 – Preparation for breading season Dr. Michaël Beaulieu started his expedition in the beginning of November and send us his first report on the 22nd November 2019: 'I have now...

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66. Special exhibitions  
Special exhibitions MEERESMUSEUM regularly features special exhibitions, i.e. photo exhibitions or other expositions that always have an oceanographic or scientific background. If you happen to know...

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67. Travelling exhibitions  
Travelling exhibitions The German Marine Museum has designed multiple special exhibitions that are now travelling through partner institutions. If you would like to show an exciting travelling...

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68. Modernisation of the MEERESMUSEUM  
Modernisation of the MEERESMUSEUM The MEERESMUSEUM will be closed from 1st January 2021 because of its forthcoming extensive modernisation. Preparations for this have been underway for some time....

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69. Audio guide  
Audio guide Discover MEERESMUSEUM individually with our new audio guide. Devices are available in German, Polish and English. Diver Jaques’ adventure tour is a special highlight for children. The...

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70. Turtle Pool  
Turtle Pool They are among the main attractions of the SEA MUSEUM and live in the largest basin of the house: loggerhead sea turtles, green sea turtles (also called soup turtles) and a real hawksbill...

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