Anne May

since 2018

Zo keeper and trainer in the Project „Hearing in Penguins“ in OZEANEUM Stralsund

since 2009

Zoo keeper in OZEANEUM Stralsund, Penguins and Aquarium Baltic Sea


Zoo keeper in the Zoological Garden in Rostock, Birds- and Seal area


Zoo keeper in the Zoo of Cologne, Birds- and Sea Lion area


Training to Zoo keeper in the Zoo of Cologne


various practica as zoo keeper


Training to Carpenter

Hearing in Penguins

Penguins are adapted perfectly to a life at land and sea. This popular group of living beings are well known, but there are some lacks of knowledge. The "Hearing in Penguins" is almost unknown, but now scientists want to investigate in this field. This research contains the training of penguins.

Project Description