Press Photos OZEANEUM

  • JMS0400.JPGThe Philharmonic Orchestra of the Theater Vorpommern and the Sebastian Laverny Quartet perform against unique backdrop at the "1:1 Riesen der Meere" exhibition. (Image: Johannes-Maria Schlorke / OZEANEUM Stralsund) 4.24 M
  • ozeaneum reuter christian roedel.jpgChristoph Reuter in front of the panorama window of the largest aquarium in the OZEANEUM (Image: Christian Rödel / OZEANEUM Stralsund)1.12 M
  • JM Schlorke JMS9650.jpgThe OceanFilmTour inspires a wide audience with its spectacular films at the OZEANEUM. (Image: Johannes-Maria Schlorke / OZEANEUM Stralsund)1.44 M
  • Johannes-Maria-SchlorkeJM Schlorke IMG 7119.JPGAs part of his "Richtung-G-Tour", Thomas Godoj performed in the exhibition Giants of the Sea at the OZEANEUM. (Image: Johannes-Maria Schlorke / OZEANEUM Stralsund)6.79 M
  • JM-Schlorke IMG 4026.JPGThe multi-purpose hall can be used in many different ways. (Image: Johannes-Maria Schlorke / OZEANEUM Stralsund)6.46 M
  • aussen bunt 11 c MaS.jpgThe OZEANEUM in an impressive light. (Image: Stefan Maehden / OZEANEUM Stralsund)3.02 M